Russell Lee


I am a PhD candidate at the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences at University of Massachusetts Amherst, advised by Mohammad Hajiesmaili. My research interests include online optimization, algorithm design under uncertainty, and learning-augmented algorithms with machine learning predictions. Much of my work is motivated by applications to energy efficiency and data center optimization.

Before UMass, I received a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University with a minor in Computer Science.

selected publications

  1. SIGEnergy
    Online Peak-Aware Energy Scheduling with Untrusted Advice
    Russell Lee, Jessica Maghakian, Mohammad Hajiesmaili, and 3 more authors
    SIGENERGY Energy Inform. Rev., Jan 2022
  2. NeurIPS
    Pareto-Optimal Learning-Augmented Algorithms for Online Conversion Problems
    Bo Sun, Russell Lee, Mohammad Hajiesmaili, and 2 more authors
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, Jan 2021
  3. PER
    Competitive Bidding Strategies for Online Linear Optimization with Inventory Management Constraints
    Russell Lee, Yutao Zhou, Lin Yang, and 2 more authors
    SIGMETRICS Perform. Eval. Rev., Mar 2022